There once was a grand hero of ours
Whose history’s a garland of flowers
For Nelson delivered one hell of a hammer
That made the French tremble, shudder and stammer
Making Britain the greatest of powers.


Eternal Rome, shimmering anew in her glorious heat
Brings us alive, despite dizzy heads and aching feet

While Mama delights us daily with her exquisite food
We then explore your history before another interlude

Of coffee, cakes quite gluten-free, with glitzy Roman ices
And later still, the pastas, pizzas and finest Italian spices

Laughing and jesting with boisterous Italian waiters
Then loving Roman history with her fallen gladiators

Limping home to Marco or Giuseppe or even dear Papa
Or Maria or Alina; our day at Villa D’Este so spectacular!

Our spotless rooms, so pleasing to four exhausted friends
Refresh us for new restaurants, our fashions setting trends

And then to sleep, to dream of further Roman explorations
Thrilled by this grand hotel, we’ll seek further reservations!


Prince George, indeed our lovely George
Feels his steely armour strappings
Snap in place
And mounted now, the Prince surveys
His mighty host laid out before him
And moist his eye accepting loyalty
From this warrior multitude.

We shall not fail him, we have sworn
Only triumph, majesty and justice
Shall adorn our newest Prince
And he, gleaming, shall lead us forth
Trotting on silver horse on silver hooves
Remembering the virtue of our Elizabeth
To keep her memory fresh.

But all this lies ahead for our infant Prince
As he, snuffling in his Mother’s arms
Is blissful, unaware of future power and glory
And we, his beaming subjects, pledge
Our dedication, love, support and strength
To help his boyish laugh reveal the story
We toy soldiers shall replay past victories!

Regiments of toy soldiers in the Royal Collection and
elsewhere await the Prince’s pleasure in coming years.