Hillsborough Disaster 1989

Dedicated To: The Ninety-Six, Those Left Behind, The Survivors


The Hillsborough Disaster ranks with the worst disasters this country has seen and has been exacerbated by the lying, the deceptions, the delays and, finally, the witnessing of justice fading into the middle distance.  

It is true that much of the mischief and many of the lies have been laid bare in the Bishop of Liverpool’s towering Report but the families, 32 years later, have been denied justice yet again.

It seems as though all the wickedness visited upon those who suffered at Hillsborough has been brought struggling into the light of day but that no individuals can be found to take the blame.  Trials have taken place but no-one has been found criminally responsible.

Throughout these past 32 years those seeking justice have acted with immense courage, fortitude and dignity and are admired by so many both here and abroad.  

And yet justice eludes us.

I hope Lament of the Years can stand in defiance against all those guilty individuals who have successfully waltzed through the legal system and be a permanent beacon of longing for justice to be granted to all those who suffered.

There’s only more remark to make –



May 2021