Modern War


The Dark Lord, present with terrifying effect during WW1, has indeed reappeared with sickening regularity ever since.

From WW2 to the present day our world has suffered war after war, hatred after hatred in an enduring willingness to sow and reap havoc, resulting in the deaths of millions of people and in the destruction of those seen as ‘mine enemy’.

For ourselves in Britain, we have lost people in Korea, Malaya, Suez, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Falklands for example, not forgetting Northern Ireland.

In this limited Collection, you’ll find a poem of the Arctic convoys in WW2, with the remainder being concerned with the relatively recent political adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For myself, I’ve found our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan to be the most disquieting, with large sections of the British public being antagonistic to our involvement and deeply suspicious of Tony Blair and the essential legality of our actions. Issues such as the death of David Kelly, Head of the UN Weapons Inspection Team, simply refuse to go away and I hope my efforts here are a valid way of remembering what has been a most unhappy period in our great country’s life.

As with Hillsborough, only a steady, unbiased searching for the truth – and revealing it – is good enough.

WW11 Arctic Convoys: Seas Of The Dead And Of The Living

Forlorn Hope

That Man Kelly

Sniper Billy Sniped…..Dead There: Somewhere

Small Hours Ravings of a British Statesman

Second Chance Encounter with the PM in a Crowded Pub

Poor David

The PM Tenders his HM Forces Condolences

New Headstones

The New Macbeth

Twin Leaders

156 And Counting