To All My Readers!

To all my readers Welcome! Welcome!
Haven’t you anything else to do
Just you two?

Only joking, only joking
But when you leave the telephone box
Vainly trying to reach me
Think on, think on!

Find me here, ready to go
The poems cascade like an overflow
Sadness, more sadness, gladness and madness
Balanced by my strolling attempt at wit.

Written in anger, written for fun
Written for snowfalls, written for sun.


If you’ve only a few minutes to spare…….Try a Love Poem – Lie You So Softly,  a War Poem – Sniper Billy, or my What Passes for Humour Poem – Murmurs of Content.

If you’ve ten minutes, perhaps you’d like to try the centrepiece of the website namely, Lament of the Years.  A devastating report, headed by the Bishop of Liverpool into the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989, reveals a shocking conspiracy of lies that has only now come to light. The Lament is a set of 12 poems, each of 8 lines, totalling 96 lines of poetry, commemorating the 96 people who died that day.

Just dip in …… I hope you’ll find something to engross you.
If you wish to leave a comment, I’d be delighted.

Ric Johnson   [  Twitter  –  @RicJohnson35  ]



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11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hey Ric
    Matt from the Cathedral here! Thought I’d check your work out whilst I was on my break and really enjoyed it! So much so that the first thing I did after work was go back on your site to read some more on the bus. Excellent work, especially the world war stuff!

  2. After our chance meeting last week at Stirk House you have popped into my mind a number of times wanting to sit and look over your website and work. Today had to be the day. 27 years ago 96 lives were lost. You are truly talented Ric, you took me to many different places today reading your work. Fantastic x

  3. After having met you personally Ric, I have to admit that your poems are even more impressive and vivid, like a real story going live in front of us (such an interesting website Ric), a place to come and read peacefully all the wonders of your soul. Giuseppe from Hotel Golden in Rome.

  4. Wonderful poetry. What a remarkable poem (Lament of the Years). Helen (From the Poetry Class, March 2015).

  5. A chance meeting in St Andrews introduced by Richard III! I found the audio performance of the Hillsborough poems very moving. Some very familiar images in your Liverpool collection.

  6. Hi Ric, I really enjoyed reading your work! Hope you are well.
    Julia (from the hotel in New York)

  7. A chance meeting in Waitrose and here I am indulging my love of words! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and introducing me to your poetry.

  8. Hi Ric, Enjoyed reading this new chapter in your meteoric rise to world acclaim , it is very professional and a perfect medium to exhibit the undoubted skill of a new and exciting talent and should be a big success. Regards Andy

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