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I’m Coming! [For A Newborn Baby]

I’m coming early in September
And I’ll be happy to arrive
My life’s something to remember
As gladly I shall strive
To love my family dearly
Enjoying life as a laughing girl
I think I see that clearly
As I skip and shout and whirl.

I know I’ll be loved for all of time
As through childhood I shall leap
And thrive on joy when in my prime
So much to do, little time to sleep.

For I shall be your own darling child
Who met your gaze and ever smiled!


For Those Who’ll Greet This Tiny Child

Snapdragon and violets alongside showers of flowers with fancy spots
Advancing shiny beetles, jaunty, leaping dogs and wild forget-me-nots
Hollyhocks and roses, this arching, yawny, golden cat, sweet columbine
Await your entrance softly as I hold you loving close, dear baby mine.

Warm breezes dry uncoiling worms, our slippy slugs and fragile snails
A falling apple, high-flying clouds, bright laughter and infrequent wails
Here for you too, my sweet, the curious robin and many a dancing friend
Greet you, embrace you as, with dawning eye, on these you will depend.

The prowling, green-eyed, glinty fox acknowledging your own grand arrival
Parades our hedge wherein shy, hidden creatures cling to their survival
Darting birds, the shaded mouse and countless creatures jumping, leaping
A host of life to thrill you as, now glancing, I catch you dreaming, sleeping.

Here in this garden place, beloved child, you’ll sing and dance and play
For, as God wills it, our natural world shall blessings grant this day.


A Fox On My Box

I looked out of my bedroom window

And what did I see?

A pair of eyes looking back at me

The fox I’m sure just smiled below.


I waved and grinned to show my love

And what did I see?

A fox cub so pleased to feel so free

While I looked down from just above.


When I looked down again there was no fox

And what did I see?

A hound came sniffing so angrily

Round and round our cardboard box.


At last the hound went on its way

And what did I see?

My little fox sits on the box in glee

Making her special to me today.