Still lying here, nailed by debris and spoiled by shrapnel

My spent eyes caught a raging and a roaring in the heavens

Of flying beasts clashing, of winged creatures bickering

Of dangers and of dying, of deeds by urgent boys

In the face of terror, of deadly menace from other shores.

And still the clash of golden spears amid the chants of angels

And shallow, hollow hopes of those at home who led us here

Like insects to be wasted on the mighty guns of other fools

Sharing the flaming sunset across the mighty sky with creatures

Unknown to me, yet fearsome in their glorious robes and armour.

Also, the heavens awash with a furious singing ringing through me

With a bellowing and a snarling and a looted land wailing

Across bleak wrecks where fields and streams and woods had been

Horizons smouldered amid the blare of clanging song and strife

I seem the only man alive to tell of gods and other gods bestriding.

But now my soul too, unpinioned and freed from the unbodied filth

Seeming floating, joining the other boys, chorusing, remembering.

Sweet Jesus, let me hear my sergeant’s joke

Then find and save me Lord, before I croak.

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