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Writing poetry, promoting cities, playing games and selling antiques, are just four activities of thousands that benefit from good websites.   Bringing order out of chaos and taking the plunge in announcing my writing to the web is perhaps a chancy thing to do.

Many assumptions, pet likes and dislikes, together with the odd prejudice…sorry, preference, stand the chance of being torn apart, with browsers baying for blood!   And yet, perhaps this is preferable to being coldly ignored.   Of course, I hope for some approval, well actually avalanches of approval, but this will undoubtedly take time.

All I can say is that I hope you like some of the writing and that I can stand the heat……………..if not, I’ll just have to scarper out of the kitchen.  The Lament of the Years is at the centre of all this and is the piece above all that I hope will be well received.   Also, my opposition to our involvement in Iraq should be easily discerned and I hope the War Poems of 2007 find some support.

The prospect of this shiny, new website being rolled over in a tsunami of criticism that would skin a T-Rex, let alone the thin-skinned poet you have at your mercy, is unnerving.   It’s been fun assembling everything but it couldn’t have been done without the technical ability, perseverance and kindness of a good friend.   If there’s anything wrong with the site, blame him, but leave the good bits for me.   Only joking, only joking.

In all seriousness, I hope this contribution to Liverpool poetry can add something to the many fine sites already going strong.

Ric Johnson

alp = anotherliverpoolpoet = alp = anotherliverpoolpoet = alp

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