There once was a grand hero of ours
Whose history’s a garland of flowers
For Nelson delivered one hell of a hammer
That made the French tremble, shudder and stammer
Making Britain the greatest of powers.


The shadow ship slips silently
Across the deathly bay
And from her spars, amid the ropes
A tune was heard to play.

The tune piped out so mournfully
As night replaced the day
And from her depths the shadows came
To dance the night away.

The shadows bowed and whirled around
Their hazy coats pale grey
And tripped a hornpipe to the stars
On the thirty-first of May.

While mirthless was their laughter here
While fiendish was their play
My heart was filled with sadness deep
For the shadows of Botany Bay.


There once was a girl from Madrid
From whom all secrets were hid
She thought New Malden was north of the Mersey
And Gibraltar somewhat closer to Jersey
Which stretched even the patience of Syd!


The Prince slowed his brig with a show of surprise
In the glory of this fabled lagoon
Acknowledged her beauty that ravished his eyes
And a palace shall be his by noon.

The Prince draped in rubies and silks under pearls
Stepped ashore in pink pantaloon
Amused by the clamour, absorbed by the girls
As they flounced and pretended to swoon.

Parasols, revels, jesters, dance and song
Serenade this fine Prince in tune
Dreaming of Venice he knew he’d prolong
His joy as he sang to the moon.

Prelates and merchants ablaze with wealth, the Doge and his glorious lords
Danced attendance, saluted the Prince, while a small servant child applauds.