Hey ewe! Standin’ there
Givin’ me the once over
What’s yer flamin’ game?

Ewe woolly-back, paradin’
Long legs an’ fluffy jumper
Starin’ at me now ‘n’ forever.

D’you want a chase, like?
Through the trees to the gorge
An’ back ‘ere as fast as light.

Ewe are one smart woolly tart
An’ no mistakin’ that, gal
Yer’d make many mincey pies.

I’d race yer to a standstill
If me collar weren’t attached
To me lead me Master’s got.

Or if ‘e’d got another collar
Would yer come home with us
An’ be me pal forevermore?

Mike's tree 2


Mike's tree 2

I found you watching from within those trees
One captive soul from someone’s captive flock
Yet free to run and question why indeed I’m here
Free to race on skipping feet to place a gorge
Between your panting self and those who might
Wish you dark misfortune on this dazzling day.

And yet, proud ewe, I’ll have you know my peace
To you and all your kith around us grazing here
That I, who passing by, a stranger to your fell
Admire your haughty self and sunny, upright form
And though your captive fleece be taken soon
You keep your place to outstare our future selves.

That passing moment caught when we two beings met
And yet again before life’s curious circumstance is set?


Mike's tree

Slenderest forms of silver birch
Searching, stretching skyward
Aching to reach this azure sky
Fearful their beauty lies unseen
They vie to breast the gritty crop
Each crowned a swaying queen
Of silvered day and blindfold night.