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They Helped Us Here; Saturday, 15th April 1989

They’re coming to the rescue; they’re coming to my aid

Crushed, stunned and gasping, heart heavy as a stone

I’m lost, I’m horrified, my God, I’m shivered to the bone.


I’ve just experienced terror; I’ve sensed the power of Death

I’ve grabbed the hand that held me steely strong

And what is more, Ive narrowly escaped my final breath.


The local folk of Sheffield have clasped us close

With phones and toilets, tea and tears and sorrow

Words of comfort made us face a changed tomorrow.


These are they who helped us gain our strength

These are they who gave the stranger rest

Compassion here in Sheffield went to any length.


Terrace houses opened up and we just stumbled in

With kindly Sheffield voices coming to our aid

Giving this and giving that, not asking to be paid.


 We are ordinary people too, Scouser is our name

 Many tell of kindness, for Sheffield people cared

 As acts of mercy added to the locals’ lasting fame.


 When this day is sad remembered in many a weeping heart

 Be comforted that Everton and Sheffield join us of Liverpool

 We march as friends for justice; foul lies have been so cruel.




Ive always wanted to write about those people of Sheffield

who came out of their houses to assist the dazed, injured

and appalled Liverpool fans who were lost in a sea of horror

on that terrible day.