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Sweating Leopard Awaits the Physio’s Jab

Leopard 3

The patterned leopard, sweaty at the Clinic
Waits with lolling tongue as dry as chalk
Spotted fur drenched as he tries to mimic
The bravest cat who ever walked the walk.

Twitchy whiskers betray one lumpy, jumpy cat
As crawling minutes tick and deadly seconds tock
Awaits a call to pad towards the Physio’s mat
To take that fearful jab and not to show the shock.

Greeny-yellow eyes quite slowly narrowing with fear
The leopard’s sleeky ears now flattened to his head
As footsteps come and beckon him to slink in here
Where preparations are in hand to give the jab of dread.

But then, a blessed shock engulfs the quaking, trembly beast
Fine Physio has neatly changed his mind and smiles farewell
No jab required and, joy of joys, the leopard’s quick released
No need now to crawl or quiver but gladly rescued by the bell.

What is the lesson for our ruffled, furry friend let off the hook?
That in his paws there lies the chance to live life by the book.


[My recent experience at a local Clinic.  Expecting a gruesome
Cortisone jab for days previously, the time arrived and all the usual
pretence at nonchalance built to a nervous crescendo. The
subsequent escape to freedom without the jab brought heady joy!]


Poorly Leopard

Lying weakly draped on our grand settee
Where the hell is that leopard taking me?
That leopard who with the sharpest claws
Held high the World in his spotted paws.

Growling, croaking, so overcome by germs
Groaning at nurse to bring this ‘flu’ to terms
Battling to hold leopard’s sickly paws aloft
Insisting this feline has not yet gone soft.

But still a prowling, graceful, bristly beast
Who’s dynamite when not feeling creased
Sharp, fiery whiskers and rough, licking tongue
Dappled cat’s flattened ears so sickly overhung.

Memories of health pass leopard’s misty eye
As he pads to the fridge for the naughtiest pie.

[A common experience for many of us who, in the jaws of ‘flu’, can only hope for a comfortable return to health……….and quickly, please!]