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Lie You So Softly

Lie you so softly in those sensuous sheets
As dazed in sleep you disconnected stir
Then mutter nothings sending me in pleats
As nostrils twitch at faint changes in the air.

Electrifying thrills of shapes beneath the folds
And all akimbo sadly sheltered from my view
An arm still braceleted appears and so unfolds
More silken body and your face emerging new.

Lie you so softly that your gold-bespangled hair
Extended on the pillow now star-like in its beauty
Rising with you as unawake and only half aware
Yawning yourself alive anticipating lover’s duty.



My smiling mind shouts ‘Yes please’
Flying fast across the seven seas
For Laura

She’s deep inside my beating heart
Waiting for this love to start
For Laura

The bonds that bind me to this girl
Throw me in a whizzing whirl
For Laura

My head and toes and heart are light
As fancy spins me on this flight
For Laura

For boys and girls who fall in love
Will know the starlight from above
For Laura

As sunny joy and hope intensifying
Lead me laughing, singing, sighing
For Laura.


I Think For Hours

I think for hours
Then buy her flowers
I’m glad she made
Fresh marmalade
She is to me
A mighty sea
Of deep emotion
Without commotion
But with devotion
No self-promotion
True support
That’s never fraught
Keep up the trick
Through thin and thick
Just entertaining
While stimulating.


Drenched Am I

Glancing at you sideways when you know it not
Glimpsing fragrant moisture on half-open lips
That sweetest tongue alive with words of fire
Touches teeth a-gleam that sears me with desire.

Your face is peerless in its form so close to mine
As now your nose and eyebrow sweep my cheek
Drench me in warming scents from flawless skin
Stretching my so pulsing heart that beats within.

Those eyes quite glisten and reflect my truest self
Changing the while as thoughts flick at your soul
Agape with love that courses through true dreams
And close now moistly for our love is all it seems.

Those lashes lie awash on beds of deepening tears
As ardent lips are fired with racing thoughts of love
Then drenched am I with expectation quite fulfilled
Our joyous understanding gained and now instilled.


Beautiful Player, Beautiful Amour

I have compared you with all those summer days that Will has spoken of
And sly-eyed you across the chessboard as you richly mimicked Kasparov
Enjoyed the honeyed, dappled fingers reach mockingly to take my pawn
And burned with shame when first you laughed my poorly chess to scorn.

Those tawny and compelling eyes so brimful with condescension and such disdain
Mock and hoot those thoughts of mine revealing what I would truly, sensually gain
Yet leave the chess forgotten as bishops spill on knights and castles crash to floor
Cascading players vault beyond the candles and twine their burning flesh amour.