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Lady Godiva and the Diver

The moon was dramatically rising
Which in itself is rather surprising
When the deep sea diver
Soaked Lady Godiva
And copped a wicked chastising.

It’s not that he’d done anything rude
For he liked to please a good nude
But as she’d had a fine drenching
She accused him of wenching
He sobbed as she was horribly lewd.



Loving the Daring Louisa

There once was a young gentleman trapezer
Whose secret love was The Daring Louisa
When she flashily flew one hundred feet high
Her sequins and tights were a treat for his eye
So Macca took many a risk trying to please her.

Came the night they performed in Stockholm City
Young Louisa and Macca were feeling quite gritty
As they took to the height of the highest stand
For a dazzling flight that would meet hand to hand
But he missed and hit the net more’s the pity.

Hot tears flecked her costume with burning mascara
As she shinned down the rope so far but no farther
Then leaping across the swaying net
She landed on top of her winded pet
Crying gladly she untangled her dazed McNamara.

With his head tightly squeezed through the safety ropes
Her frantic demeanour rekindled longstanding hopes
That perhaps she yet loved him and saw him as hers
As she dusted him down and made running repairs
Their star-spangled courtship trumps those of the Soaps.

Love blossomed aloft for our vaulting high fliers
The Big Top roared approval and also Town Criers
As Louisa and Macca clasped love to their hearts
And laughed as they tumbled in stops and starts
For love conquers all and applauds the bravest of triers.


Although not strictly a Limerick, the poem is written in the Limerick form.