Beautiful Devil

That beautiful face
Sweet yet out of grace

A mind deformed
Empty of regret.
Evil unreformed
The Devil truly met.

Flashing fury
Mayhem bloody.
The nurse just gory
Another study.

So this is He
The Devil disguised.
The victim’s plea


Mischance and Beautiful Devil are a pair of poems describing the same event.   They relate to a fine looking young man murdering a nurse, a complete stranger, who was standing at a bus stop in the Hospital car park on her way home. A photograph of the assailant accompanied the newspaper story and the combination of the murderer’s physical beauty and his evil struck me forcibly.  His looks were angelic yet his actions were devilish. Her last experience of life was of being stabbed to death after she had completed her shift in which she was an angel of mercy.   What causes one human being to wreak such murderous destiny on another?


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